Family Testimonials

Cynthia E., 2023

Honey Bear was my first and ONLY choice! Everyday I am grateful for the entire staff, from the teachers to the director. The staff are truly PHENOMENAL and professional! The level of care, empathy, and love that is shown to my children as well as every child at Honey Bear is immeasurable! There is a resounding JOY and happiness that is seen and felt throughout each classroom on a daily basis as I walk through during drop off and pick-up. The peace of mind that I feel daily when I walk away is indescribable as I know that my child is in amazing hands, safe, taken care of, happy, and most importantly Learning. From the very first day a couple of years ago to this very present moment, my family and I felt like we were family and are undeniably treated like family! The curriculum that is taught by the highly trained and educated staff has without a doubt prepared my first child for Kindergarten and is certainly preparing my second child for Kindergarten! I also love that social and emotional learning is prioritized! I must say that they're doing everything right and beyond that, especially when my husband and I know every song that the children sing at Honey Bear because Honey Bear is consistently the topic of discussion in our household, of course in a positive light! I highly recommend Honey Bear as the top preschool program in Stratford! I eagerly await for my infant to attend the infant and toddler program very soon, which would make it our third Honey Bear experience! My husband and I will forever be grateful for Honey Bear, as they have been an incredible blessing to our family in more ways than one!

Alessandra M., 2022

Honeybear is an incredible preschool. Being a first time mom, you worry even more about who you leave your child with. They eased me into feeling comfortable with this big change in our lives. The teachers are amazing, and you feel the care that they have for each child. One teacher in particular, I call my sons “preschool mommy”. You can rest assured that your child is in phenomenal hands with honeybear. Truly a great, family oriented school.

Alana K., 2021   

Honey bear learning center is an exceptional place.  I was referred by a friend who's daughter attends.  The teachers, staff and director are caring and dedicated.  They have created a warm and nurturing environment for the kids.  My son is learning both pre k curriculum as well as communication skills and compassion for others.  There is a good balance between academic activities and fun.  I like that it is a small program and the outdoor space is ideal.  A highlight for me was attending a workshop for parents about creating a "cozy corner" which provided tools for helping my son manage and express his emotions.  There has been excellent communication and care surrounding Covid-19 precautions.  I highly recommend Honey Bear!

Desiree C., 2021

Could not say enough nice things about Honey Bear, my child has excelled in the preschool program and looks forward to going to school each day. The program has done a great job at keeping the kids healthy and safe and has maintained constant communications with parents during these crazy times. I feel 100% safe sending my child to school each day knowing they are well cared for and in a safe environment.

Christelle R., 2021 

We joined the Honey Bear Family in 2017, referred by a trusted family friend - and we've been so grateful. More than four years later, both of our children are now part of the program (Preschool and Infant/Toddler) and love it there! One of the crucial elements we sought when reviewing childcare options was safety - and I appreciate the care and attention implemented to make sure all students are well protected at all times.Our children feel loved for and cared for by the amazing staff! Their school readiness curriculum is wonderful, taking the time to teach students the essential skills to prepare them for Kindergarten - and beyond. Hands-on programs, engaging activities and events bring their curriculum to life - and we look forward to hearing about everything our children did each day! Highly recommend HB!

Brian M., 2020

Honey Bear learning Center is an exciting place for children and they care! They give our children attention and not just a place to drop your kids off they nurture. Not only does the entire staff at honey Bear care but they are invested in family and community. Miss Jackie, Cindy, and Cathie are wonderful. The owners Cathie and Rick are amazing!!  They waived fees due to the terrible epidemic we are facing to help it's families financially, that speaks volumes of community. Thank you!

Lori K., 2019

I am so grateful that my daughter had the opportunity to go to preschool at Honey ? Bear ?... From the moment you walk-in you feel the Loving and Caring environment that surrounds the children all day! This school is 5 stars ⭐️.

Betsy W., 2016

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Honey Bear learning center!!!! The teachers are great and very caring! I am so happy my daughter is a student and I am proud to be a "Honey Bear Mom!!

Tamara R., 2015

This place has not only met my expectations but exceeded them, and much of that has to do with the staff! Honey Bear is one of the few preschools in the area that is NAEYC accredited. They have a great curriculum, follow strict nutritional guidelines, are affordable and have an amazing staff. The director Miss Cathie has a great open-door policy and really makes the families feel welcomed! My son WAS such a picky eater, after just a few months at Honey Bear he asks for veggies at dinner!! He is learning to write his name at 3 and has such a thirst for learning it truly is refreshing! Your child will not just be another kid on the roster, he/she will be a member of the Honey Bear family! Thank you for a great experience and making our family another extension of the Honey Bear family!!

Janice C., 2014

Our 3-year old started attending Honey Bear Learning Center this school year, and while it's only been a couple of months, we are happy with the change and development we've seen in her so far. Prior to Honey Bear, she had been the only girl at her daycare for most of her 3 years there. I was a bit worried she may not adjust well in preschool but she had outgrown her in-home daycare and we really wanted her in a more structured environment and routine, but still allow her work on her social skills in a larger setting than she's used to. I feel like Honey Bear has done that and so much more. She's writing her name (though some of the letters are out of order. I think that's pretty good for a 3 1/2 year old), she recites the pledge of allegiance and gets it right, she knows how to put numbers together to create other numbers, she comes home and have conversations with us on how people are all different. They a nutritionist who visits on occasion and teaches healthy nutrition at a level that 3-5 year olds can understand. They don't allow juices in the children's lunch boxes, only milk or water and I don't want her drinking too much milk, so she gets water in her lunchbox. I think this great because I no longer have to coerce her to drink water, she actually asks for it. I could go on and on. She has always been a confident child and to see that she hasn't lost that being in a bigger group setting has a lot to do with the one on one interaction between the students and teachers how the children are encouraged and empowered by the staff. All of the teachers are so relatable and understanding and they truly listen to any concerns you have about your child. We are also very happy that they offer extended hours since we both work. Overall, we are happy and feel that we made the right decision in sending her there.

Staff Testimonials

Assistant Teacher, Indeed 2022

"I am truly happy here, I love my coworkers, my bosses, and the kids. It’s a great place to work, and you are always motivated to grow. I’ve been in child care for over 6 years and I’m finally happy at work."

Preschool Teacher,, 2023

"Would Recommend"      "Caring"

Pros- supportive admin, paid time off, no gossip policy

Cons- requires a degree or must enroll in degree program